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Providing Top Talent to Help Our Clients Succeed

Preferred Partners, LLC is a permanent placement recruiting firm located in Omaha, Nebraska and working nationwide. Since our founding in 2003, we have made more than 400 successful placements in 38 states.

Preferred Partners, LLC is structured to be an affordable and sensible partner for its clients. As such, return on investment is emphasized in all relationships. We take the time to understand our client's needs and customize solutions around these needs.


  • sales executives
  • engineers
  • management and executive


Preferred Partners, LLC succeeds because it seeks and rewards only the most talented professionals in the industry. If you have unique skills applicable to the services we provide, please send us your resume.


  • Mitch Arnold, president, (e-mail, bio) 402-884-7466

Featured Positions

  • electrical enginer (Omaha)
  • lead commissioning professional (Lincoln/Kansas City)
  • electrical engineer (Lincoln)
  • physical security sales (nationwide)
  • traffic engineer (Omaha)
  • HVAC service manager (Des Moines)
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